The AJ Lynx Drop 


To create some hype around the new Anthony Joshua Ltd ed. Lynx fragrance we hid a 1000 cans up and down the country, all fans had to do was be in the right place at the right time.




AJ delivered a video to his 4.5m followers on Insta stories letting them know he'd hidden the cans and they needed to find them. 


On swiping up on the story, fans were sent to a mobile site with an interactive map powered by Landmrk, showing cans in their vicinity. 



The first to the locations unlocked content in the site, from ltd edition cans to AJ memorobilia and 5 special hand signed cans.

Influencers helped to create extra hype around the drops

Across our owned channels we released clues to followers


The 5 hand signed cans were hidden in places of significance to AJs 10 year journey. Those who found them got tickets to the fight at the end of the campaign.