Kitchen Academy


A digital content and experiential platform for Knorr to leverage their new chefs, we needed to help consumers understand that Knorr used real chefs to create their products, so ee created an engagement platform for them on social channels to share recipes and tips with our audience. From display, social, an iAD and real events, this platform is in its 2nd year and has been picked up by other markets.



We ran a number of days academies , featuring Knorr chefs including Marco Pierre White training and judging team of amateur chefs we recruited from our Facebook fans. This in turn created digital content for those not at the events.


From lockups to livery, we created a whole toolkit of branding assets applied to everything around the campaign.


We also created the world's first Ipad iAD, targetting foodies to come sign up for the academy.


A tab on Facebook became the home of the campaign, featuring video, tips and recipes and a chef quiz to find our which Knorr chef your cooking style most resembled.

The campaign provided us with our always on calandar, with daily tips and recipes written by the chefs.