Kind to Skin


We were briefed to support the launch of three new makeup removal products for Simple. The challenge was to get across the efficacy of the products which their fairly passive global TV and digital assets just didn't do.  The additional challenge was the audience of 16-55, which meant multiple streams of comms in a number of channels. 




We created two films across the EMUR and Light Moisturiser products for VOD. These have now been used across global markets. 


We recruited content creators to produce real life product demonstrations in their day to day lives , for the first time giving Simple an authentic, diverse and representive reflection of their audience. These were run through Milwood Brown against the TVC asset and out performed it on every score.


We lined up a number of beauty influencers across our age spectrum to create native content for their own channels, we wanted for our channels to repurpose it but give it an extra twist. 

Across the two years we created a lot of paid and organic Insta content to support the products.