To support the launch of Lynx Black we created Blackspace, an understated, authentic space for music, fashion, talks and more.  In the process it provided the perfect opportunity to present Lynx in a more culturally relevent way. 



The first challenge was naming and branding the space, from a lockup and signage, to film iconography, to how the interior was styled.



We created a simple onepager site that pulled together all the events and partner info.

Launching the space, we created a sizzle film for Facebook and Insta. We also created series of OOH ads in the Brick lane area and proximity SMS targeted at passers by.


We also created a coverwrap for Shortlist which brought to the life the concept of the store; an urban respite from the chaos of the city.


We wanted to create something that befitted the theme for influencers, so we sent them hand made packages - they all contained redacted invites that cut all the bullshit PR info out.


The boxes also included black t-shirts. But these T's had something special (literally) up their sleeves. Each contained a Bluetooth chip that meant that the wearer could skip the queue, their favourite drink was ready for them at the bar and their specially curated ASOS edit picked out for them... even their Spotify playlists were played on the venue's sound system.


Over 3 months, the venue became a content creation engine for those who cound'nt be there.  Featuring Spotify sessions, stipped back gigs, interviews, talks from MixMag, CALM and more...

Blackspace gave Lynx a new found relevence to its audience, refreshing its tired brand associations, tone and aesthetics.