Chaos Island masthead


To launch the Lynx Chaos Island campaign I worked on a YouTube masthead that allowed users to take control of a speedboat to get to the island - the twist you could control from your mobile using some clever 2nd screening tech magic.


Users simply scanned in the QR code on screen or visited a TinyURL on their iphone 

By using the phone's gyroscope the onscreen boat would steer left and right and accelerate as the user collected Lynx cans and avoided the sharks, with the best times and scores saved on a leaderboard.

The masthead exceeded the average interaction rate by 25%. And clocked up 14 million impressions and a 13% interaction rate (over 5x the DoubleClick benchmark). And won a Webby Official Honouree for Best Use of Online Media.  We even got a nice email from a big cheese at Google congratulating us on a media first.