Men in progress


Masculinity is in flux. A guy needs to be both strong and sensitive. So how does a male grooming brand represent its audience in this world?  We flipped the Lynx portryal of the guy on its head, and let real men speak for the first time.   



Through a series of 9 films, we explored a huge range of subjects from their gender and sexuality to their relationships with their fathers through to the last time they cried.


" It’s commendable how Lynx are integrating LGBT diversity into their advertising without making a massive deal about it. It just seems so natural, which is great, because it is. "

Jamie & Shaaba


We interviewed 80 guys and girls for 80 hours which gave us a huge amount of viewpoints, anecdotes and emotive stories to create our films from.


Released across the year as a series in line with culturaly relevent moments, each have been supported with social content, influencer outreach and media partnerships.

Oh and I got to hang out with Anthony Joshua...

me and josuame and josua