New Can


Inspired by the uproar at the time about the design of the 2012 London Olympics, which was largely seen by the man in the street as the brainchild of some over paid arty farty designer at best and a waste of tax payers money to boot. As a subtle dig at this view we tool the very traditional looking GUINNESS branding and gave it a 2012 treatment.

Winner of a Campaign Silver award and FAB award

And ironically pulled before we could enter for more awards as Diageo decided they wanted to become a 2012 sponsor!





Yeah, that what we thought - it was hardly any different from the last design. Hardly worth telling people we thought, but that gave us an idea for some mischief.

We sent an email to all Guinness lovers telling recipients we`d let pony-tailed designers loose on their beloved can

new can 4 16new can 4 16

I created a whole suite of cans , from Paul Smith to Banksy inspired - only to deliver the punch-line that of course we`d never be so daft. And that the design has hardly changed.