Hold that Train


TMW's first Hackday - The brief; create an April Fools Joke.... Presenting 'Hold that Train' an idea more than enough to get up the nose of middle England - What if for a premium subscription you could delay your commuter train by a few minutes via your phone?  The idea nicely resolved as a PR stunt to raise awareness of people delaying trains by holding doors. Oh and we won. 



We created an entire fictious brand in 24hrs. Logo, colour, slogan and tone...


We printed business cards and handed out in stations to direct people to our app.


We also designed and built a microsite, with links to the app and reviews from users.


We built a webapp prototype that used JSON calls into the live National Rail website. When demoed the app inserted code into the live site to show trains being delayed at their command.


We hit the concourses of a couple of London stations and canvassed opions of potential users - the response ? Well let's say mixed.


If done for real the payoff would have been this PR release/press ad the day after the app launched. Reminding passengers delayed trains are a 2 way street.